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Shadow Fight 3 Hack, Cheats 2018, Free Gems & Coins

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Shadow Fight 3 Hack 6

Shadow Fight 3 Hack 2018. Newest cheats tool for Shadow Fight 3 from RellaMan team.

We have two good news for you. The first news is RellaMan team just got enough money for server maintain, it mean we will have resources to keep RellaMan working for next years. The second good news is we have a new hack tool for you, and this time our game is Shadow Fight 3.

We’ve start the project of making a hack tool for Shadown Fight 3 months ago. This tool need a lot of effort and time to make it done, our team with 12 men work really hard to exploit into the server and finally, we success to defeat Shadown Fight 3. We tell this to you for your understand that to make a good hack game need a lot of effort, it is not easy job and we want to thank for any of your support.

Introduce to me about Shadow Fight 3.

Shadow Fight 3 is a role-playing fighting game developed by Nekki. Nekki also the developer of Shadow Fight 2, one of the best mobile fighting game in the world. Shadow Fight 3 make the Shadow Fight series to a new level, this game make characters with full details (not just shadow) so it look really beautiful.

You can buy weapon, armour, sword … in Shadow Fight 3 to increase your character’s power. Some of them need Coins to buy and some need Gems, you need to add money to this game and buy those things. We know a lot of Shadown Fight lover willing to pay hundreds of dollars to get the weapon they want. We fell sorry for them because if they know about our tool, they will not to spend their hard-earned money.

Does Shadow Fight 3 free to play?.

Yes, it is free to play. But if you want to be dominate, you need money, a lot of money. Some items need hundred dollars to buy, you need to invest thousand dollars in this game if you want to be champion.

I want to be dominate, but I don’t have money, how to get it?.

You are one of the luckiest one in the world. Right now we just publish the best hack tool for Shadow Fight 3, use it now to get your resources.

Tell me some about Shadow Fight 3 Hack.

Shadow Fight 3 Hack is the newest hack tool in the world made for Shadow Fight 3 mobile game. Shadow Fight 3 just published months ago but we seem like this game really hard to hack. Nekki apply the newest hack defend system to their game to make this game seem to impossible to get hack.

We working hard to make this tool, some of us think that this game can not be hack. But fortunately, we made it and it work really well.

What is benefit of using this Shadow Fight 3 Hack tool?.

A lot of benefit, I will list some here :

Like our other tools, it is FREE.

It is FREE like our other tools for game such as 8 Ball Pool, Lords Mobile, Clash of Clans, Fallout Shelter … if you want to support us, please tell your friends about our website and share our tools to them.

It is 100% safe for your account.

No accounts will be ban for using Shadow Fight 3 Hack tool. Actually, there was never any accounts get banned for using any of our hack tools. Our CSR Racing 2 hack tool made months ago and got thousand of users and we never get any complain about their problem after using our tools.

It work on every devices.

We always recomment our users that the best devices they should use to run our hack tool is the smartphone they used to play the game. No matter what smartphone you’re using, it is SONY, SamSung, iPhone, HTC … our tools work on every devices, don’t worry about your old phone, just open browser and start hacking now.

Please guide me, I need step-by-step of using this tool.

It is ok. We know some of our users don’t know much about technology, that is the reason why we made all of our tools with the same interface. If you have ever using any of our cheats tool, you will see that all of them look-alike. Please follow my instruction here to start cheating Shadow Fight 3.

Open Shadow Fight 3 Hack tool on your mobile browser.

You can open it by click Here or click on the HACK NOW button. Your browser will open hack tool for Shadow Fight 3. Go to next step to follow.

Start to make connection to hack server.

The next step you need to do when access to our hack tool is start make a connection to server. Just click on CONNECT button.

Shadow Fight 3 Hack 1

If you can successful connect to our hack server, you will see something like this :

Shadow Fight 3 Hack 2

It mean you have successful open connection to our server. Please go to next step.

Start generating resources to your account.

In this step you will choose amout of resources you want cheats tool to generate to your account. In this case it is Gems and Coins. Please select the amount of Gems and Coins and hit GENERATE button.

Shadow Fight 3 Hack 3

At this point, also the final step you need to take is enter your email, the email of your Shadow Fight 3 (Gmail for Android and iCloud for iOS). Enter something like this :

Shadow Fight 3 Hack 4

Yeah, just need to click CONTINUE and wait for our server taking care of your account, when you see this your browser, it mean you have successful hack Shadow Fight 3.

Shadow Fight 3 Hack 5

Congratulation. Please reopen your Shadow Fight 3 and enjoy free Gems, Coins.

It is nice, please make more for us.

Of course. We know this job hard and it is not make us rich but we still make it. It is because you, you are our motivation to making more tool to contribute to community. If you love this tool, share it. It you need our help in using this tool or want to share some love to us, please comment in the comment box below. Thank you very much, please enjoy our day.

Shadow Fight 3 Hack

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